Denmark worlds Happiest country

Denmark is located in Northern Europe, bordering German , the Baltic Sea, and the North Sea. The Nordic country is the smallest and southernmost of the Scandinavian countries. The country is made up of the Danish Archipelago and consists of around 406 islands, 70 of which are inhabited in Denmark. 

Officially known as the Kingdom of Denmark, it also includes the Faroe Island and Greenland.

Denmark Travel Guide

Capital of Denmark: Copenhagen

Currency: Danish krone

Official language(s) and general knowledge of English: The official language is Danish. English is widely spoken.

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The Capital Region of Denmark consists of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg. Northern Europe’s coziest capital is packed with some of the best restaurants, cafes, and shops. From the city’s cutting-edge buildings to its old town and winding streets, the capital city of Denmark is the perfect combination of old and new. 

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The Central Denmark Region is the second-largest region after the Capital Region. The region covers the central part of Jutland from coast to coast. It’s home to Denmark’s second-largest city, Aarhus as well as Horsens, Herning, and Viborg. Generally, the landscape is very varied from the North Sea and sand dunes in the west, to charming bays and inlets on the east coast. 

Things to do in Copenhagen

1)Photograph the little Mermaid

2)Watch the changing of guard at Amalienborg

The Amalienborg Palace is a former royal palace that is now a museum and that alone makes it worth a visit. However, if you can time your trip well, you can also witness the changing of the guards ceremony that takes place outside.

At 11:30 on the dot every day the guards leave the Rosenborg Castle and march to the Amalienborg Palace for the ceremony at 12 pm sharp.

3)Visit colorful Nyhavn

If you were to close your eyes and conjure up a picture of Copenhagen in your head, it would probably look a lot like Nyhavn. This gorgeous waterfront dates back to the 17th century and features an iconic row of multi-colored houses and wooden houses that never move place – contrary to the tourist boats.

All the former trading buildings and warehouses have been converted into restaurants, bars, and cafes. Especially when the weather is nice, and everybody wants to sit outside, a spot on the many terraces is hard to find. You might want to be careful, though, as these can be expensive tourist traps.

4) Go shopping at stroget

Running through the heart of Copenhagen is Stroget, one of Europe’s longest pedestrian streets and the city’s shopping hub. Along this famous street, you’ll find everything from Gucci and Mulberry at one end of the spectrum, to Zara and H&M at the other end.

If your budget is really tight, even window shopping with a Danish pastry in hand makes for a fun activity here.

Make sure to walk through Stroget until you reach the end and the Radhuspladsen or city hall square.

5)Fun at Tivoli Garden

The Tivoli Gardens are about the closest thing to Disneyland you’ll find in the Danish capital. This huge park boasts dozens of rides, shops, restaurants, performance venues, and natural spaces.

There is also a Tivoli Food Hall, comprising a range of street food stalls from around the world. Entrance is a little steep at over €50 (450DKK), but this includes unlimited rides and you can stay all day.

6)Enjoy a canal tour

If you get tired of walking the streets of Copenhagen, why not experience the city from a different perspective. Canal tours run daily and are conducted in English, Danish, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian among other languages.

The tour only takes an hour, but you’ll see a whole host of the city’s famous sites, such as the Black Diamond Library, the Little Mermaid statue, and the Christiansborg Palace.

It was fun to be in denmark for 7 days and seeing danish culture and yes don’t forget to taste danish food it is very tasty and I really loved it..

7)Go visit beach and have fun at sailing

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